Lloyd La Beach Gallery

Lloyd LaBeach, Panama’s Olympic glory, put the Republic of Panama on the Olympic map back in the 1948 London Olympic Power Games where he was in bold competition with the best of the athletic participation of the United States, post-war Germany and Britain.  He also became an example of excellence and perseverance for the Silver People.  The slide presentation also shows some of his contemporaries, coaches, and women athletes who were champs in their own right.

[rockyou id=133263753&w=500&h=375]

Lloyd LaBeach 60th Anniversary Memorial Mass and Ceremony at the Santuario Nacional in Panama City on February 29, 2008.  Please be patient for slide show to load.

[rockyou id=133261569&w=450&h=338]

Video. The unforgettable 100 meter dash at the 1948 London Olympics.  Watch Lloyd LaBeach closely.  The Photo Finish was amazing even then.

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  1. Excellent contribution to our heritage.


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