Ni Allá, Ni Acá

"Our loyalties as a people are too fragmented"

Brothers/Sisters All,

This article may be shocking to many of you, but not me!

I have been asked many times by the white man was I prejudice, and my answer to that without hesitation is hell yes! You taught me well! I do not hate the white man per se, cuz I know where he is coming from. He feels he has something to protect, economic status, social status, ethnic status or whatever, and he is not about to give it up.

But, the people I hate with a passion are those among us who are not comfortable with their blackness. Who keep listening to white men about the racial card. Who are easily persuaded in believing that they are on equal status with the white man/ rabi-blanco or whoever. Who are told to forget issues that happened years ago and not dwell on it, and all the rest of patronizing BS rhetoric that these people put out. Those are my brothers/sisters who rub me the wrong way!  They are the real reasons why we keep going one step forward and two steps backward in our fight for equality!

If by now we don’t realize that our fight is 24/7, then we may as well shut to hell up and accept things the way they are! Can you imagine a black man championing O’ Reilly from Fox News? O’ Reilly once said if you blacks don’t like the way things are, why don’t you go back to Africa?

Now, I can forgive O Reilly, cuz, in my book, he is nothing but a racist dumbo. But, the black man who doesn’t know that his forefathers were brought to this side of the world in balls & chains is one sorry ass black man! Scum of the earth!

I stopped blaming the white man a long time ago for our demise; we are our worst enemies! I have said it before and I will say it again; our loyalties as a people are too fragmented, therefore, we will never, ever be on the same page about anything. So, until one of you geniuses comes up with the answer, that’s where we stand today, ni allá, ni acá!!

Luv you all,

Edgar G. Walcott


Quote from the Editors:

So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”  Revelations 3:16

2 responses to “Ni Allá, Ni Acá

  1. I was priviledged to be an invited guest in a Black History Week a local US historical museum, A highly educated native Ghanian told those present that she has never felt displaced because she always knew where she came from. She said that it is difficult for native Africans to understand the Black American mentality because Africans cannot connect with the American slave experience and don’t feel inside like people living on the margin of society. In other words, she felt comfortable in her skin. As a Black person, ask yourself this question: “Do I feel comfortable in my skin?”

    It would be nice if we learned how to be who we really are and stop denying our blackness. I’m so glad I’m black I don’t know what to do. I wouldn’t want to be anything else. I am truly grounded in my blackness. But I’m not stupid. I am more than black. I know how to use my “Panamanianism,” my “Panamanian of West Indian descent,” and my “hispanic heritage,” when I’m confronted with racist ignorance especially here in the United States. I am grateful to Lydia and hubbie for providing this website so I learn more about us.


  2. I cannot agree more. It is said that he who forgets his past is deemed to repeat it. As long as the slavery mentality exists there would be no progress. Primarily, there seems to be a misturst within the diaspora. It behooves us to educate and inculcate in our young people just what life is all about, and our experiences for them to grow by. I highly endorse the Blue Nile organization to which Euclid Jordan is a part. We just need more with the fortitude and desire to do so. Every opportunity I get to mingle with our own, I try to foster the tenets of not settling for the lesser when better can be done, and the ability to stand for your rights.
    We have a long road ahead of us. I will never give up the ship. God bless.


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