A God Given Task

Today we fervently pray that we would see a real emotional outcry regarding the issue of our forefathers’ resting places.  These historic sites are where our real cultural heritage lies crumbling- about to be disinterred and disappeared from the face of the earth, never to be remembered for their glorious deeds.  After leaving Panama I always felt, like the dispersed Israelites of old, uprooted and sold into slavery and that I had to somehow show the world the injustice of our plight.  We the descendants, as the remnant of these noble “builders of the Panama Canal,” are left with a sublime duty to rescue and rebuild “the broken down walls” of our culture, a culture that left future generations with a much better world.

We sincerely feel the hand of God still remaining on our ancestors and yet there is the very present threat at hand if we do not take some concrete action. How do you build a wall? – Brick by Brick!  Therefore, with the large pool of skilled and educated Silver People here and in the vast Diaspora we should be able to have some recourse to earnestly combat the threat of losing our culture completely.

We have within our people skilled writers, technicians, educators, salesmen, artists, performers, churchmen and politicians who could bring to this “wall” all their skills for God’s sake and rebuild our besieged cultural heritage.  Let us not wait to lament watching on the news media and videos how the grave diggers desecrate and disappear the bones of our forefathers.

All we hear down here in Panama is “Obama, Obama, Obama!!” and what I think we need to hear is “Silver People, Westindians, Silver People!!” Let us set aside pride and competition and come together as one people in this God given task and be brothers again. And I’ll say Amen to that.

2 responses to “A God Given Task

  1. It was just yesterday I spoke with a friend about how many people like to sit back and let others do everything.This is the very reason why we are often easily bamboozled.

    It is due to laziness why folks believe that someone will save and remedy things for us.
    Why is it that over and over again we blindly trust and put our destiny in the hands of leaders to fix things?
    I watched over here how Obama has become Christlike.
    It is so dangerous because the very people who have placed him there will be the first to cryout and dash him away from his high tower if anything goes wrong.

    The United States is in such an economic mess that I doubt we will notice changes in four or even eight years.
    The hard working spirit of this country has been tarnished.

    Silliness, corruption,laziness and selfishness have crept into the soul of too many.One good thing is that Obama asked the American citizens for a committment to serve.Everyone has to get involved, committed to change things. Or else, back to where things were.

    It is one thing to feel good about the 2o08 US elections, but the world has to undertsand that Barack Obama is only the president of the United States.

    Obamania,must be also a Black thing because I have heard it is the same way in many African countries; they are all happy and jubilant as if Obama is going to save Africa.

    Black people around the globe need to put their heads together and solve their own problems.

    Anita Cumberbatch


  2. Hey Roberto and Lydia,

    I agree 100% with you and we need to extend what you say to the whole world.

    I see culture being pushed aside all over the world. Pushed aside in the name of money, greed, laziness… actually just name the 7 sins and you have what pushes culture aside many times.

    I was taught culture is “the way of life for an entire society.”

    I also call it the “roots of society”. If the roots die the society dies.

    I have seen a big change in culture in America and not always for the better.

    The statement on Obama is interesting. I have wonderment at the fact that Panama cares about Obama and then the fact that the whole world does the same chant about Obama. They do it in Russia at times. The feelings are that he will save America.

    I see that Obama has been put on a pedestal and elevated above normal humans. I know that we should never put someone on a pedestal.

    I hope that when the pedestal crumbles the fall is not to bad.

    Very good article!

    Kyle & Svet


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