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Reunited at Last – The Journey of the Holness Family

Entrance to Corozal Cemetery Panama.

We wanted to share with our readers a recent update that CGM Foundation has just sent us much to our joy and satisfaction. It chronicles the journey of the Holness Family in finding the grave of their ancestor at Corozal Cemetery. Enjoy the photos and follow the link for the video. Thank you Frances! Continue reading

White Gold, W.B. Garvey’s Jewel


With Christmas around the corner, we wanted to give W.B. Garvey’s remarkable new novel the review it truly deserves especially for those of you who are looking to treat yourselves, or those important people on your holiday gift list, to a literary feast. Continue reading

The Panama Canal Death Tolls- Another Revealing Look

West Indian diggers digging up graves probably at Culebra.

West Indian diggers digging up graves probably at Ancon Cemetery. 1914

In preparing our presentation two years ago to the Honorable Legislators in the Asamblea Nacional we referenced our meticulous research into the death tolls of West Indian workers and the count of individuals buried in the former Silver Roll Cemeteries to bolster our petition for Bill 348 which became Law #7 of March 15, 2012 thus declaring the three former Canal Zone Cemeteries of Silver Corozal, Gatun and Mount Hope National Historic Patrimony.

According to our detailed studies in preparing statistics to our, at first, skeptical Commission on Education, Culture and Sports, our findings proved to be very close to the assertions made in other interesting accounts by respected authors on this controversial subject and it proved that the official statistical reports are grossly inaccurate. Continue reading

Alfred Nobel- The Dynamite Trail to Panama

Alfred Nobel 1833-1896. Image thanks to Nobelprize.org.

When we hear the name Alfred Nobel we immediately associate it with the revered Peace Prize that is awarded every year in Stockholm to a number of deserving candidates in the arts or sciences who have earned the recognition through their hard work and professional achievements. Actually, since 1901, the Nobel Prize has been awarded for achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature as well as for peace. What we don’t associate his name with is the explosive- and I mean this literally- history of the substance known as dynamite, which he improved and named and which made him an extremely wealthy individual. Continue reading

Hospital History of Panama- Colon Hospital

A vintage postcard image of Colon Hospital thanks to panamarailroad.org.

An old photo of one of the Sisters of Charity that might have staffed the original Colon Hospital under the French. image nunsandsisters.com

From the very beginning in 1881 the French Compagnie Universelle du Canal Interoceanique started construction of a hospital in the city of Colon by first choosing a beautiful site by the shores of the Caribbean Sea in the northern part of Manzanillo Island.  This choice location provided fresh cross ventilation and the wonderful eternally present sea air which carried currents of relief for its many patients. At that time it earmarked a budget of $ 1 million for the building and equipping of this respected institution. Continue reading