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“Desidia” and the Silver Roll Cemeteries of Panama

The headline reads "Cementerio Corozal en la Desidia." Image thanks to TVN - on line.

The headline reads “Cementerio Corozal en la Desidia.” Image thanks to TVN – on line.

Desidia is a term often bantered about in Panama’s daily newspapers concerning the pitiful state of its noble national and historic monuments and parks- part of its physical cultural legacy or what the UNESCO refers to as its tangible cultural heritage. It has ugly connotations when referring to the Silver Roll Cemeteries of Panama. Its meaning runs the gamut of apathy, indolence, laziness, carelessness, slovenliness, every nuance that is opposed to the attitude of its original American founders and the West Indian caretakers put in service to tend the cemeteries. It describes the present state of the once magnificent symbols of our West Indian cultural heritage here in Panama.  Continue reading

The Silver People Law is Now Law of the Land!

The Law #348, to Declare our Silver Cemeteries National Historic and Cultural Patrimony in Panama’s National Assembly, just passed Third Debate yesterday 1 March 2012! Continue reading

The Silver People Law- Going Before the National Assembly of Panama

Here I am signing the initiative and receiving guidance from the helpful functionaries at the Asamblea Nacional.

Our Bill or Proyecto de Ley #348 will be up for a very important debate next week and we are calling for people to support us with their presence.

This past Tuesday morning I was cited by the Asamblea Nacional de Panamá Permanent Commission to appear on next Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 at 10 A.M at the Budget Commission (Comisión de Presupuesto) to make a presentation defending our projected Law# 348 (Proyecto de Ley #348) Declaring Patrimonio Histórico the 3 cemeteries on the Banks of the Panama Canal and Black Canal Zone, Corozal (Silver), Gatún, and Mount Hope (Monte Esperanza) in Colon. Continue reading