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Henry “Takeaway” White, The Horseracing Genius of Panama

Roberto "Bobby" Reid and Henry "Takeaway" White (trainer).

Roberto "Bobby" Reid in winners circle with Henry "Takeaway" White, his trainer. The obviously happy man with the wide hat is none other than "Takeaway" White.

The wonderful photo above is property of the no less legendary former jockey, Roberto “Bobby” Reid.

by Lydia M. Reid

When the history of Panamanian horse racing has been completed, the preponderant figure of the late Henry “Takeaway” White will figure largely in the annals of the Sport of Kings on the Isthmus.  Although he was just one of the legendary Westindians who strongly influenced the activity of horse racing in Panama, he remains its most unforgettable proponent. Continue reading

A Brief but Curious History of Horse Racing in Panama – Part II

The thrill and power of horse racing.

The thrill and power of horse racing.



The City of Colon, naturally, was not excluded from the fascination of this sport and during the same period of time, around 1913, Colon’s streets became the venue for races involving two, and up to seven horses per race. The jockeys, especially in the case of Colon, normally traveled in anonymously from Kingston, Jamaica,  arriving first in Bocas del Toro on the United Fruit Company boats and later transferred to Colon on cargo boats. This highlights another fact that many of the first imported race horses seemed to have been brought into Panama in the same way. Continue reading