On Mental Penury

In the economy of Being only Divine Mind is Supreme. We mistakenly believe or are convinced that there is a necessity and that there is a power in being poor. That there is something powerful in being without resources, without support, not being able to be self-reliant. This mistaken belief is always overturned by the Truth of Being, which loudly states that there is no power apart from Good. Then again Truth reasons that it is impossible for God to give a supposed opposite power strength to be used against God Himself. Just give up to the enemy to act against Life, health, Harmony and well being, against the economic well being that impels us to give thanks and praise to God.

The fear that God is helpless to defend the life of man and incompetent to control that precious creation is utterly destroyed when we understand that “God is the Lawmaker,” that our God is supreme with dominion over all. We must recognize our God given rights and God given dominion over all situations, and over all false beliefs and know that we are empowered by Divine Mind to annul any unjust sentence to remain poverty stricken.

Refute the idea of limitation, shame and lack. Through God’s moral Law, the Law that we obey, we are restored to harmony and well being because of our strong belief that “Life is self sustained.”

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