Reunited at Last – The Journey of the Holness Family

Entrance to Corozal Cemetery Panama.

We wanted to share with our readers a recent update that CGM Foundation has just sent us much to our joy and satisfaction. It chronicles the journey of the Holness Family in finding the grave of their ancestor at Corozal Cemetery. Enjoy the photos and follow the link for the video. Thank you Frances!

Reunited At Last

After hearing about the efforts of CGM Preservation Foundation, the Holness family contacted the organization in hopes of locating the remains of their loved one. Follow their incredible journey below:
The Holness Family
Dear Patricia and Frances,

I hope this email finds you well. My name is Billy Holness and I’m from Panama City, Panama now in grad school in the US. My family and I have been trying to find the grave of my great-grandfather: William Tomlinson Holness, who passed away in 1942 and who was buried at the Corozal Cemetery.

Thanks to your website, we have been able to find some information about his Register, Marker, Cemetery Row, and Grave (please refer to image attachment). My family has gone to the cemetery to try to find the grave but we haven’t been able to do so because we don’t have any maps or further references to locate sections or rows in the cemetery.

I wonder if you could provide us with any maps or further references of the cemetery in order for us to be able to find the grave with the information we have.

Thanks in advance for your attention and guidance. It will mean a lot to us and especially to my 96-year-old grandfather to be able to find his father’s grave.

Warm Regards,


One response to “Reunited at Last – The Journey of the Holness Family

  1. We are happy for this family which has long been a friend and family of the Bryces for at least two full generations. Hope others will learn of their contributions throughout the Canal Zone and in Jamaica. herrington & yvonne bryce


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