Presidential Pardon for Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Marcus Mosiah Garvey Image

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Marcus Garvey

To all our readers, subscribers and supporters, we have been asked by our friend, W.B. Garvey, descendant of Marcus Mosiah Garvey to circulate the following petition initiated by Garvey’s son, Dr. Julius Garvey, Marcus Garvey’s son, forwarded to him from Liberty Hall in Jamaica, “asking for people to add their support to the efforts seeking a posthumous presidential pardon for Marcus Garvey from President Obama. The text of Dr. Garvey’s letter is below, and we attached the draft letter (*see at the end of post below) which was suggested by him, slightly modified by W.B. which you may use as a template. As noted, he asks that letters in support be sent to Melissa Chastang at the law firm of Akin Gump in Washington D.C.  

According to W. B. Dr. Garvey will be speaking at a news conference in Washington D.C. this coming Wednesday to gain support for this effort before President Obama leaves office. “While posthumous pardons are rare, they are not completely unknown,” said W.B., “and now is the time to add our voices to those in support.” We are in complete support of this petition to exonerate the late Marcus Mosiah Garvey and lift all blot of shame from his name and legacy. Please read carefully the following letter by Dr. Julius Garvey.

Dear Friends:

We have reached the final stages of our campaign to exonerate my father, Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

We have filed a petition with  the U.S. Department of Justice and with the White House Council.

This is the last legal avenue open to us as Congressman Rangel has tried with repeated Congressional House Resolutions and Congressman John Conyers has tried through the House Judiciary Committee.

We are asking your support for this Posthumous Presidential Pardon.

Please see the attached prototypical letter which you are free to alter in anyway you see fit.  It can also be on your letterhead or the letterhead of your organization.

The letter should be sent to Akin Gump Strauss Haurer and Feld, LLP; Robert S. Strauss Building, 1333 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC  20036-1564; to the attention of Melissa Chastang, as they have created the legal document. The hard copy may be mailed to Melissa Chastang at the address provided or it may be emailed to

We are also asking you to reach out to your circle of friends and or committed people to share this letter and it’s intent, so that they too can support our effort, which is not  just for the family but for all Africans, those at Home and those Abroad.

Thank you very much for your anticipated support in this endeavor.


Julius W. Garvey, M.D.

 Statement in Support of Posthumous Presidential Pardon of Marcus Mosiah Garvey (1)  Draft letter

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