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The Catherine Brown Home- a Slice of Panamanian History


A Christmas Party at the Catherine Brown Home in Panama’s Rio Abajo District.

Every so often we encounter a real jewel of history on other sites and friends’ on line publications.  A brief history of “The Catherine Brown Home” here in Panama City’s Rio Abajo district was one of them which Eric Jackson, Editor in Chief of The Panama News has so graciously shared with us.  We’re reposting it with his permission here on our heritage site so that you may have a glimpse into Panama’s dynamic history as lived by the Silver People of Panama.  Thank you Eric!! Continue reading

A Visit To Panama After Fifty Years

Reverend Peter Perowne.

The following descriptive account was written by Reverend Peter Perowne, the first minister assigned to the Rio Abajo Methodist Church, who has graciously given us permission to publish here this account. We are delighted that we are able to provide for our readers this historical, as well as cultural and spiritual view of the Silver People of Panama and for their descendants and our  friends all over the world. As Reverend Perowne informed, the original of this narrative was published in the publication The Methodist Recorder last week’s issue, for those of you who are subscribers to that publication. Continue reading

Rio Abajo’s Methodist Church of Panama Celebrates its 50th Anniversary

This September will mark the 50th year anniversary of the Rio Abajo Methodist Church with a unique history linked to Panama’s West Indian community. Continue reading

A Brief History of the Methodist Church in Panama

Methodist Church; probably the oldest church in the Republic; deed to the land on which it sits dates back to 1897. Pastor is Rev. Mario Nicholas; Jose Frances is Deacon; made Patrimonio Histórico fifteen years ago (1995).

In light of the upcoming 50th Anniversary Celebrations of The Methodist Church of Rio Abajo, we’ve taken the time to focus on yet another major church group founded by the West Indians in Panama.

The Methodist Churchof the Caribbean and the Americas has long considered the British Church as their mother church. It was the enigmatic figure of Mother Abel, an immigrant from the Antilles, who came to Panama via the United States of America, who first introduced Methodism to the inhabitants of the Island of Bastimentos in the province of Bocas del Toro and then in other parts of the country. Continue reading

The Stone Church of Rio Abajo

The Stone Church or "La Iglesia de Piedra" is one of Rio Abajo's most visible icons especially for the Westindian community.

by Lydia M. Reid

The history of this landmark church which had close ties to the Panamanian West Indian community dates back to the 1930s. Rio Abajo District residents began efforts to build a chapel in that part of the city since the nearest church was Our Lady of Lourdes in La Sabana which meant a considerable distance walk in the absence of urban transport. Rio Abajo was not incorporated into the city at the time and although Via España was as already a main artery, between Rio Abajo and La Sabana there existed a very long and practically uninhabited distance to walk. Continue reading