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The Panamanian Retirees’ Breakfast Club- More Insights

As promised, we’re providing our readers with another opportunity to examine additional pages from the unique journal published by The Panamanian Retirees’ Breakfast Club. We’re encouraged to do this labor of “Love,” in fact, due to the enthusiastic readership we are seeing on many of our articles relating to our culture in Panama. This theme has never lost its attraction here in our republic or oversees, however, lately the question regarding racism in Panama has raised constructive discussion about how we blacks of Panama have taken charge and have promoted our own cultural expressions, especially those that we have inherited from our Silver ancestors. Continue reading

The Panamanian Retirees’ Breakfast Club

To our esteemed friends and compatriots in Panama and the United States: we have published images from this “Journal” of activities amongst our various generations as a compliment to the “Panamanian Retirees’ Breakfast Club” hoping that other similar groups would leave their mark for the coming generations as we have done now for the past seven years. It was several years ago, when we were starting this work as a collection of blog sites, following them up with Facebook groups, that friends brought up what we thought were good points as we were going over the lives of our childhood buddies. Some of our friends are still with us and some- too many- have gone on to a better life. Continue reading