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The Treatment of the Mentally Insane in the Panama Canal Zone

Ancon Hospital circa 1920.

Continuing our series on the hospital history of the Panama Canal Zone, we’ll take a look at how the entire issue of the mentally ill was approached by the administrators of the Canal, both French and American. Continue reading

Hospital History of the Panama Canal

Older view of Gorgas Hospital on file with the Library of Congress photo collection.

By Lydia M. Reid

The history and heritage of the Silver People of Panama would not be complete without a mention of their longstanding relationship with the medical facilities that served (and did not serve) so many of them.  The French and American construction periods of the Panama Canal sought to provide health services to their vibrant population of workers from all over the globe but the Black workers from the West Indian islands were probably the largest segment of people to recur to the services offered by the various medical institutions. Continue reading