Finally, Our Silver Cemeteries are Being Cleaned Up

Entrance to Corozal Cemetery Panama.

Entrance to Corozal Cemetery Panama.

Finally, some action is being taken to clean up the Silver Cemeteries of Panama.  We hope to see more of this during the year.



Los Pana-Zona by Luis E. Cubilla -A Book Review

Los Pana-Zona book cover

Los Pana-Zona book cover

When Luis Cubilla contacted us to announce that he was almost finished writing his book about growing up in the Canal Zone- more specifically Gamboa or Silver Santa Cruz- we could understand his excitement and enthusiasm.    Continue reading

Presidential Pardon for Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Marcus Mosiah Garvey Image

Marcus Mosiah Garvey

Marcus Garvey

To all our readers, subscribers and supporters, we have been asked by our friend, W.B. Garvey, descendant of Marcus Mosiah Garvey to circulate the following petition initiated by Garvey’s son, Dr. Julius Garvey, Marcus Garvey’s son, forwarded to him from Liberty Hall in Jamaica, “asking for people to add their support to the efforts seeking a posthumous presidential pardon for Marcus Garvey from President Obama. The text of Dr. Garvey’s letter is below, and we attached the draft letter (*see at the end of post below) which was suggested by him, slightly modified by W.B. which you may use as a template. As noted, he asks that letters in support be sent to Melissa Chastang at the law firm of Akin Gump in Washington D.C.  

According to W. B. Dr. Garvey will be speaking at a news conference in Washington D.C. this coming Wednesday to gain support for this effort before President Obama leaves office. “While posthumous pardons are rare, they are not completely unknown,” said W.B., “and now is the time to add our voices to those in support.” We are in complete support of this petition to exonerate the late Marcus Mosiah Garvey and lift all blot of shame from his name and legacy. Please read carefully the following letter by Dr. Julius Garvey.
Continue reading

Jonathan “Clyde” Parris- Farewell Friend and Baseball Great!

Nick Diunte and Clyde Parris spending some time together back in 2007. Image thanks to Nick Diunte.

Nick Diunte and Clyde Parris spending some time together back in 2007. Image thanks to Nick Diunte.

Clyde Parris in 1959

Clyde Parris in 1959

We discovered a couple of days ago that our Baseball hero from the ranks of the Silver People of Panama, Jonathan “Clyde” Parris,  just passed away at age 93 on July 9, 2016 in Valley Stream, New York.  We wrote about him previously here.

Thanks to his young friend, fan and interviewer, Nick Diunte who posted articles about him on his blog here, we were updated on his passing.  Thank you Nick Diunte for your loving attention to this great man and athlete.  You can also view his entire professional career hereContinue reading

“Desidia” and the Silver Roll Cemeteries of Panama

The headline reads "Cementerio Corozal en la Desidia." Image thanks to TVN - on line.

The headline reads “Cementerio Corozal en la Desidia.” Image thanks to TVN – on line.

Desidia is a term often bantered about in Panama’s daily newspapers concerning the pitiful state of its noble national and historic monuments and parks- part of its physical cultural legacy or what the UNESCO refers to as its tangible cultural heritage. It has ugly connotations when referring to the Silver Roll Cemeteries of Panama. Its meaning runs the gamut of apathy, indolence, laziness, carelessness, slovenliness, every nuance that is opposed to the attitude of its original American founders and the West Indian caretakers put in service to tend the cemeteries. It describes the present state of the once magnificent symbols of our West Indian cultural heritage here in Panama.  Continue reading