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Black Ethnicity Month 2017 in Panama

Africa en América -el Concierto

We want to share some of the key events for this year’s Black Ethnicity Celebrations in Panama:. Yes, Mes de la Etnia Negra: Continue reading


From our friends at Appalacian State University

Every now and then we receive that age old question, “Where does the word ‘Chombo’ come from?”  We attempted to trace its evolution first from a term meant to identify, to a term meant to offend to, at present, more a term of endearment.  Our article Chombo was our first attempt to explore the evolution of this term which has caused so much hurt and controversy in Panama and abroad.

Today we’re posting yet another poem penned by Mr. Louis Emanuel which we thought worthy to post here especially during Black History Month in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.  It’s humorous twist brought a smile to our face and we guarantee that it will raise even more questions in our present world which is more concerned about the rights of corporations than it is about human rights.  I believe it will also invite us to embrace our Chombo-ness!  Please read, enjoy and send us feedback. Continue reading

Panama’s 2010 Census Promises to be Interesting for Persons of African and Indigenous Descent

This is the official logo image of Panama's 2010 National Census


Lydia M. Reid

This year’s Census in Panama will be conducted on Sunday May 16, 2010 beginning at the hour of midnight May 15 and ending officially at 7:30 PM on May 16, 2010.  The entire operation is governed by the Contraloría General de la República, Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Censo. Continue reading

Early Beginnings of Silver Literature

Oldtimers at an intense game of checkers.

Oldtimers at an intense game of checkers.

The early writings amongst the Silver People of Panama could have started when correspondence was sent back home to the West Indies by, primarily, Westindian men who served that purpose during the mid 19th century and would continue to serve as message bearers for the working class Silver Men far into the early decades of the 20th century. We as researchers, however, would not get a glimpse of those writings until much later in our lives, although they were published in the newspapers of their times in Panama during the late 1930’s and up until the late 1950’s. Continue reading

Compiling a Library of the History of Blacks

This is the place where I spent long and fruitful hours full of exciting discoveries, the New York Public Library reading room in the heart of Manhattan.

This is the place where I spent long and fruitful hours full of exciting discoveries, the New York Public Library reading room in the heart of Manhattan.

Practically all of my experiences at gaining information regarding Blacks in this continent of the Americas have been fraught with frustrations. Some of the most famous and reliable libraries and archives have no registry for the history of Blacks or of people of African descent. So it has continued to be until our day here in a country like Panama where Blacks have been the virtual source of labor since the 16th century. Continue reading