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Burial ground located in the former American Panama Canal Zone, in the Ancon District of Panama City. In Post Construction Panama Canal history it was a segregated grave site and it remains, today, set apart from the American Battlement Cemetery adjacent to it by a chain link fence.

Finally, Our Silver Cemeteries are Being Cleaned Up

Entrance to Corozal Cemetery Panama.

Entrance to Corozal Cemetery Panama.

Finally, some action is being taken to clean up the Silver Cemeteries of Panama.  We hope to see more of this during the year.


“Desidia” and the Silver Roll Cemeteries of Panama

The headline reads "Cementerio Corozal en la Desidia." Image thanks to TVN - on line.

The headline reads “Cementerio Corozal en la Desidia.” Image thanks to TVN – on line.

Desidia is a term often bantered about in Panama’s daily newspapers concerning the pitiful state of its noble national and historic monuments and parks- part of its physical cultural legacy or what the UNESCO refers to as its tangible cultural heritage. It has ugly connotations when referring to the Silver Roll Cemeteries of Panama. Its meaning runs the gamut of apathy, indolence, laziness, carelessness, slovenliness, every nuance that is opposed to the attitude of its original American founders and the West Indian caretakers put in service to tend the cemeteries. It describes the present state of the once magnificent symbols of our West Indian cultural heritage here in Panama.  Continue reading

The Silver People Law is Now Law of the Land!

The Law #348, to Declare our Silver Cemeteries National Historic and Cultural Patrimony in Panama’s National Assembly, just passed Third Debate yesterday 1 March 2012! Continue reading

Our Silver Cemeteries Made it to the International “Endangered List”

This is a screen shot of the World Monuments Fund's landing page.  Please visit it and browse through their 2010 Watch List.

This is a screen shot of the World Monuments Fund's landing page. Please visit it and browse through their 2010 Watch List.

We just had to break the wonderful news to all our readers and descendants of the Silver People who have been following our progress!

Our “Silver” Cemeteries here in Panama- Mount Hope as well as Corozal Cemeteries, the resting places of our historic Silver ancestors who built the Panama Railroad and the Panama Canal- have been included on the World Monuments Fund’s prestigious “100 Most Endangered Sites” for 2010.

Now, what does inclusion on this list mean? Continue reading

The History of the Corozal and Mount Hope Cemeteries

The United States Government Isthmian Canal Commission’s segregated Cemetery at Corozal was the only active cemetery for its “Silver Roll” Employees even before 1914 when the construction of the Panama Canal was completed. The site had been a jungle and was then established as a farm to provide work for disabled Silver laborers, who also lived on parcels of land with their families.

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