The Panamanian Retirees’ Breakfast Club- More Insights

As promised, we’re providing our readers with another opportunity to examine additional pages from the unique journal published by The Panamanian Retirees’ Breakfast Club. We’re encouraged to do this labor of “Love,” in fact, due to the enthusiastic readership we are seeing on many of our articles relating to our culture in Panama. This theme has never lost its attraction here in our republic or oversees, however, lately the question regarding racism in Panama has raised constructive discussion about how we blacks of Panama have taken charge and have promoted our own cultural expressions, especially those that we have inherited from our Silver ancestors.

Our forefathers’ contributions to the building of the Panama Canal, to the prosperity of Wall Street and to the fighting in the two Great Wars, did not necessarily assure our freedom. This task falls on our own shoulders as descendents of those young men and women who came to Panama more than a century ago and died and were buried here only to be dug up by the dismantling of more than thirteen Canal Zone Cemeteries that we have claimed as part of our rights to our Intangible Cultural Heritage.

We feel that “The Panamanian Retirees’ Breakfast Club” has done an exceptional job of making the images contained in their publication’s pages an important “cultural landmark” and without a doubt advances the preservation of the legacy our forefathers have left us, thus insuring the preservation of our heritage in its own fashion with a lot of forethought for the coming generations.

It is for this reason that we have and will continue to dedicate much labor of Love and devotion to entire pages (not just posts) and make them available to our readers. All that our readers and visitors have to do is click the tab “Breakfast Club,” and you will be able to click into numerous pages of the the journal. If you find something that you are interested in, just check back with us through our contact page so that we can make the magic of modern day technology be of help to you.

We will be updating this publication until we have every page viewed by all our readers. Check with us often.

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