The Year


We want to take this moment to wish you all a very prosperous and health filled New Year for 2015!  Thank you, our valued readers, for supporting us and our cause and especially for your feedback which we prize highly.

Louis Emanuel, one of our contributing poets, has shared another poem with us; this time his verses recap the highly eventful year of 2014 which we have lived in Panama.  Enjoy!

The Year

December, final calendar month, alas! is here
A daring, unpredictable era, many might say
The ups and downs, so many crises to bear
Give thanks for being, each and every day.

Countless changes did occur, during this time
New rulers, promises of a new era, same old line
By arresting corruption, an almost accepted crime
A fix to the garbage woes, murder, include grime.

The canal expansion works, came to a stand
The builders contracts, duly signed as planned
Backtracked raised the stakes, to then demand
Higher revenues, a bid for more cash on hand.

Urban transportation, is due a massive remake
“Diablos rojos, verdes, piratas”, peoples at stake
“Metrobus at best, a much intense headache
The “metro” or subway, a boon for riders sake.

Road congestion, at most times each day
Unchecked traffic, reckless drivers at play
Hailing a taxi, expect the “chofer” to say
“No voy”, hope another cab, is on the way.

Cost of living galloped, as a rampant wild horse
“Canasta básica” monitored, just a mere clause
Families stymied, cost of food, rent, is there a law?
To correct this injustice,which has gone too far.

Christmas, New Years, a time to celebrate
For the blessings enjoyed, in this passing year
Misfortunes, burials, glee, a newborn to cheer
Praise our Lord, with Him, there shalt be no fear.

L. Emanuel

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