A Memory Game

Recognize anybody here.

Recognize anybody here?

Since we started this blog to highlight the rich cultural legacy of the Silver People of Panama, we’ve put out a call to all our descendants and to people whose lives were touched by them to send us photos and any other artefacts, histories, memorabilia, etc. that they may want to share to bring The Silver People to remembrance.

Gradually, the submissions of photos and narratives have been coming in and we thought that we would open the New Year of 2014 with a photo sent to one of our most assiduous readers as well as a contributor, Aubrey “Tito” Johnson, whom we are proud to call friend. The forwarded message read as follows:

Subject: When Colon was Colon

Today another youth got shot in the head in plain daylight in Colon. So far it’s already 7 killings for the new year. What a difference a few decades have made. Here’s a pic of our teens, ‘back in da day’, in that beautiful place known as Colon; The Gold Coast. It was about ‘fun’ , not , ‘gun’……The pic was sent to us by our friend and original ‘Winchester’, Winston Smith, in L.A. Cal….  Who do you recognize?…..Right off on upper left is Ziggy and do you see Zaggy?…..recognize anyone else?….Let us know. Probably taken circa 1954-55.

We though it would be fun as well as a help to jar all our memories to post it here and ask anyone in our reading audience to send in a name of any one they recognize in this photo. We will fill in the names as we get them.

We consider these types of memory games important in light of the mean tendency in Panamanian society today to forget and/or categorically exclude the memory of the West Indian Panamanian people who have left such a hard-won contribution in Panama’s culture, history and economy. Colon especially is of particular concern today. Again, thank you Tito, Winston Smith and all the others who have contributed.

One response to “A Memory Game

  1. This is an amazing post. Interested in learning more… ZIGGY is/was my grandfather. And ZAGGY my granduncle 🇵🇦


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