The Silver People Law is Now Law of the Land!

The Law #348, to Declare our Silver Cemeteries National Historic and Cultural Patrimony in Panama’s National Assembly, just passed Third Debate yesterday 1 March 2012!

This is a big and historic milestone in Panama for official recognition of the contribution of the Silver People, aka the West Indian Panamanians. We praise God for He always answers the prayers of all those who lean on His sustaining Grace!

Keep up with the progress of our vision for these historic cultural sites for Panama and the rest of humanity.

6 responses to “The Silver People Law is Now Law of the Land!

  1. The Silver People refers to the former “silver roll” employees of the former Panama Canal Zone which had a historically segregated payroll as well as social system. The Silver People in this instance were the Black West Indian and their descendants living in Panama.


  2. To the entire team of players, what a great accomplishment. Whatever, whenever & however just count us (the Best of Halls & Clarks and all afilliated with HAP, Inc.) in the vision and goals of the very near future.

    Blessings from H-Town Tx.

    N. “Eddie” Clark
    COB – HAP, Inc.


  3. Congratulations! I have been following this with keen interest. Your contribution to the resurrection and preservation and our mutual heritage has been immeasurable and will be valued for generations. I applaud you both for your commitment, strength and tenacity and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


    • WB,
      You have one one of our staunchest supporter from the beginning and we surely appreciate it. We will keep you updated on what comes next and the vision we have for perpetual care of these cemeteries.

      God bless you.
      Roberto and Lydia Reid


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