The Silver People Law- Going Before the National Assembly of Panama

Here I am signing the initiative and receiving guidance from the helpful functionaries at the Asamblea Nacional.

Our Bill or Proyecto de Ley #348 will be up for a very important debate next week and we are calling for people to support us with their presence.

This past Tuesday morning I was cited by the Asamblea Nacional de Panamá Permanent Commission to appear on next Tuesday, January 24th, 2012 at 10 A.M at the Budget Commission (Comisión de Presupuesto) to make a presentation defending our projected Law# 348 (Proyecto de Ley #348) Declaring Patrimonio Histórico the 3 cemeteries on the Banks of the Panama Canal and Black Canal Zone, Corozal (Silver), Gatún, and Mount Hope (Monte Esperanza) in Colon.

We need people who live IN PANAMA who can join us that day to back up this important Bill so that it will become the Law of the Land. This is a crucial step in recognizing the history and culture of our West Indian people of Panama.   The Bill involves much more than the cemeteries as it points up the significant participation of the West Indian people in Panama’s history and cultural diversity.

Every ethnic group in Panama is recognized by law EXCEPT the people of West Indian descent.  This law would be a precedent setting move in the full recognition of our contribution to what Panama is today.

For those who will attend, when you go to the security desk at the Asamablea, ask for Participación Ciudadana, Licenciado Victor Céspedes and you will be directed to where we are going to meet.  Please contact us through the contact sheet and we will provide details if you are going to back us in this effort.

One response to “The Silver People Law- Going Before the National Assembly of Panama

  1. God Bless and I hope everything goes well. It’s about time the West Indians be acknowledged for the progress and financial gain of Panama.


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