Homecoming St. Lucia 2010

The tiny island of St. Lucia has great plans for integrating their overseas residents.

Map Image thanks to Island brides.com

by Lydia M. Reid

Just recently we were contacted by the offices of Leevie Herelle, Attorney-at-Law located in Castries, St. Lucia, to collaborate with the Government’s decision in 2008 that “special attention had to be given to the concerns of St. Lucians resident in other countries.”

We are delighted to be asked for our collaboration in this effort with regards to the Silver People’s role (and many St. Lucian’s belonged to the Silver Roll) that began as a conscious effort to begin the reintegration of St. Lucians living overseas into St. Lucia.

We’re posting the official press release below announcing the launching of this important event:

Monday, September 07, 2009 – Prime Minister Honourable Stephenson King says his government is interested in hearing from all Saint Lucians and inspiring the ideas of all nationals in the development agenda of the country.

Speaking at the official launch of Saint Lucian Homecoming 2010 Sunday, Mr King indicated the homecoming celebrations will be used to rekindle national pride among the citizenry.  Prime Minister King says Homecoming 2010 is also an excellent opportunity for all Saint Lucians to put aside their differences and unite in their interests of Saint Lucia`s development.

“Saint Lucian Homecoming 2010” is envisioned as a celebration of the contributions of Saint Lucians living overseas to their homeland and to their adopted countries.  “Fellow Saint Lucians. Homecoming 2010 is also about what it means to be Saint Lucian, it is also about the revitalising of our communities and the invigorating of all our people to come together for the development of our country, for this reason the theme for the homecoming is “Tout Sentlysyen Se Yonn,” said the prime minister.

Homecoming 2010 is spearheaded by the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister headed by Saint Lucia`s Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary for CARICOM and the OECS with direct responsibility for Diaspora Affairs Dr June Soomer.

Dr Soomer says Homecoming 2010 is designed in keeping with Saint Lucia`s thirtieth independence theme “A journey to be Proud of a Future to look forward to.”

“Saint Lucian Homecoming 2010 will give us a chance to showcase all our talents and we invite all Saint Lucian’s to join us in this year of planning and celebration. This is more than a reunion, it is more than just a homecoming, this is part of the journey to which we look forward, a time when all Saint Lucian’s at home and overseas can make their vital contributions to their homeland,” the ambassador said.

As part of Homecoming 2010 celebrations the Regional Integration and Diaspora Unit is expected to implement a Diaspora Declaration, which will speak to a true Saint Lucian identity and the importance of uniting as one people.

Other initiatives include a Youth Summit to give young people a forum to share their views and ideas on their development of their country with government officials.

For contact person click here.

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