Our Silver Cemeteries Made it to the International “Endangered List”

This is a screen shot of the World Monuments Fund's landing page.  Please visit it and browse through their 2010 Watch List.

This is a screen shot of the World Monuments Fund's landing page. Please visit it and browse through their 2010 Watch List.

We just had to break the wonderful news to all our readers and descendants of the Silver People who have been following our progress!

Our “Silver” Cemeteries here in Panama- Mount Hope as well as Corozal Cemeteries, the resting places of our historic Silver ancestors who built the Panama Railroad and the Panama Canal- have been included on the World Monuments Fund’s prestigious “100 Most Endangered Sites” for 2010.

Now, what does inclusion on this list mean?

The World Monuments Fund, a “leading independent organization devoted to saving the world’s most treasured places” announced the publishing of their “Watch List” world-wide on Tuesday, October 6, 2009 at 9:30 a.m. in their New York City offices.  Through their signature advocacy tool, The World Monuments Watch, it issues lists every other year that become a powerful call to global action on behalf of sites needing immediate help.”  They help the people working with these sites by:

1.  Providing an international focus on endangered patrimony through media communiqués and links to the many charitable and philanthropic organizations that work closely with them to channel financial help to these sites.

2.  Highly skilled technical and professional assistance to architectural and heritage sites at risk of disappearing through neglect, lack of monetary resources, urban and other human encroachment, and many other causes.

3.  Financial assistance in providing education and awareness to the local and international communities in order to elevate consciousness as to the importance of preserving these priceless sites.

In its own words, “World Monuments Fund takes a multilayered approach to education.  We promote the exchange of information among professionals, educate the public, and train craftspeople in both lost arts and modern standards.  Through site interpretation, international symposia, and field schools such as the ones we held in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we ensure that heritage preservation remains a vibrant field.”

We’ve included links to their Watch Page and to the individual cemetery site descriptions below.  We are extremely and especially happy that they have also included on the Watch List Historic Colon Center, which is really important to the restoration and preservation of the City of Colon.  Please note that for 2010’s Watch List these three sites are the only items included for the Republic of Panama.

Thank you all for your support and please keep praying and thanking God along with us for this great victory.

World Monuments Fund “Watch Page

Historic Colon Center

Mount Hope Cemetery

Corozal Cemetery

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